Avast there ye Pirates!

Welcome to life on the high seas.   If yer’ squeamish ’bout rollin’ with the waves and jettisoning cargo from time to time, you’ll do better elsewhere – but if you like a little adventure, alternative viewpoints, and educated perspectives on the gangway, then welcome aboard!  Drink some rum and get ready to swab your mental decks – you’ve hailed a stout and hardy vessel.

Be True to the Pirate’s Code:  Truth be spoken here, mateys, and from time to time ye may not like the candor – but mind yer’ attitude and yer’ cutlass.  The Captain has NO PROBLEM tossin’ ye’ overboard.  There’ll be no squeamishness or pampering aboard this ship.  The fair captain is a deft master wielding psycholinguistics, science, politics, business, neuro-cognitive, biological science, and change theory around…  some say she’s a fair singer too.  Just don’t mess with her hats.