Evening Prayer

Prayer. Not what some of you may think, but if you let go of idiology and religion – truly, it’s what EVERYONE thinks. I pray tonight for love and light and forgiveness – not for myself, but for my love and my friend and my roommate, who is struggling to make sense of a (almost) century’s worth of decisions through a lens of fear and domination and subjugation and “religious” rhetoric that tantrically have changed over society, but never changed internally or cognitively for her. I pray for another day of light and love in this world, and the ability to fulfill the agreement made with the universe when I agreed to come here. I pray that I not be distracted by vice or greed, and that all of my energy be given and spent for the fulfillment of a higher cause of loving every person I meet as if God were present in the room every moment of the day. God is present – may I continue to be the instrument that reminds everyone of the God that lives within themselves. It’s the only God there is.