About SMSPirate

Meet your Captain

It’s me!  The hat girl, the psycholinguistics geek, the scientist, the community activist, the change agent, the singer, the writer, the MBA….  the elipses gal.  It’s SMSPirate.

Truth be spoken here, mateys, and from time to time ye may not like the candor – but mind yer’ attitudes and yer’ loaded cannons.  Jes’ roll with the waves and jettison your unneeded cargo from time to time, and ye’ll do just fine.  The Captain has NO PROBLEM tossin’ ye’ overboard.  And everything here – and that means me words, me pictures, and me ship – all of it be copyright protected.  I own it.  You ask if you can use it.  Some of it will cost ye some treasure.  Some of it be free.  Ask, or ye’ll be meetin the sharp end of me good friend the barrister, and she wields a might sword.  Challenge her to a duel at yer’ own risk.  There be no place for squeamishness nor thievry aboard this vessel.

Otherwise – yer’ welcome aboard!  Ye’ll ne’er be board on this Captain’s high seas.  If you need tendin’ er ya seekin’ more temperate climes, the captain knows what she’s about.  She gets mail from crew and landlubbers here:

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